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Please read carefully

Bullying & Harassment Any form of degrading any other player will result in a permanent ban, tickets created to lift ban will be immediately closed.

Personal Information Or Others  Under no circumstance should you give away personal information or anyone else's. Such as home addresses, phone numbers or anything related that could cause safety concerns.

DDoS Threats or Threatening Such threats will be taken seriously and immediate action will be taken against offending player this includes threats against other players such as swatting. Please reframe from making jokes that could be taken in these manors.

Advertisements  Advertisement of any other server or advertising our network to another server will result in a ban this includes discord ect.

Hacks or Cheats Any form of hacks such as using a client or something simple like a resource pack to gain a advantage over any other players will result in a permanent ban.

Trapping & Camping Under no circumstance may you prevent a player from recovering their loot or use any type of teleport trap. This can fall under Harassment.

Racism & Discrimination Racism and Discrimination will not be tolerated no matter the race, sex, or religion.

Politics Please keep any form of politics out of chat to prevent issues with other players.

We retain the right to make changes or add to any of the following rules listed above without notice.

If possible please get proof such as a recording or a screenshot and provide and report such in our discord or the forums.